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Having sold out theaters both in the U.S. and overseas before the Pandemic and drawn in thousands more viewers from around the globe through virtual screenings, 


ACES & KNAVES is now available on DVDjust in time for the holidays!

$25 including postage in the U.S.


A love letter to the game of bridge, ACES & KNAVES is an hour-long documentary that captures the highs and lows at the table through interviews with world champions and mere mortals alike. Called "humorous, frank, and personal," the film also delves into the cheating scandal that is still making headlines. Beautifully packaged with photographs and quotes from Bill Gates and several Aces featured in the film, including Gavin Wolpert, Boye Brogeland, Steve Weinstein, Brad Moss, Mike McNamara, and Christina Lund Madsen, the film  includes an original score by Bessie winner and world-renowned tap dancer Nicholas Young, animation and graphics by Lucien Harriot, vintage Hollywood clips, and riveting tournament footage. ACES & KNAVES is aimed not only at card players but also at those who have never picked up a hand. Why? Because bridge is a microcosm that holds a mirror to the human spirit—at its worst and at its best.  

Take a look at our trailer and we predict you'll want to look further...perhaps even venture

back to the bridge table! If you've already seen the film, consider buying a few copies for your favorite bridge players. 

"A gem! Humorous, frank and personal…a story that even non-bridge players will find entertaining

and completely accessible."     ACBL Bridge Bulletin

"No doubt the best documentary on bridge ever made. I hope to see it again on

HBO or PBS."      —Michael Becker, Hall of Fame; Boca Raton, FL

“The emotional aspect of the game, moving on after defeat...that is so true

in all of life.”       —Bonnie Brewer; Memphis, TN

"Currently the hottest ticket around!"   Mark Horton; A New Bridge Magazine

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Aces  Knaves-227.jpg
becker, Gavin.jpeg

If I sat with you for ten minutes at a bridge table, I could see how you think—whether you’re brave, you’re strong, you’re fearless; whether you’re honest, whether you’re charming. It reveals everything.

Zia Mahmood

Bridge Legend

I love the adrenaline rushes that I get. My head starts spinning and I feel my heart start beating, and I get this tickle on the back of my thighs.

Christina Lund Madsen

European Bridge Champion

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